Safety Support Contracts

Complying with Health & Safety Legislation can be confusing, time consuming and a legal minefield for many small and medium sized businesses.

What is a TriEx Safety Support Contract?

Proactive health and safety management made easy for you. At TriEx we take a hands on practical approach to Health and Safety by taking the headache out of small and medium sized businesses trying to manage your health and safety compliance.

We realise that it is nearly impossible for small and medium businesses to be totally compliant and to know that they are indeed compliant with their existing safety systems because they don’t have ready access to a safety professional employee. With a TriEx Safety Support Contract you receive your very own onsite professionally qualified health and safety specialist who will work with you to provide a safe working environment for your team.

Benefits of signing up to our ongoing Safety Support Contract include:

    • The vast knowledge and skills provided by our large team of experienced health & safety professionals is always available to your organisation
    • Minimising the risk of a workplace death or serious harm accident
    • Maintaining your business reputation
    • Reducing the likelihood of a Work Safe NZ prosecution
    • Improving productivity and your workplace safety culture
    • Assistance in maintaining a safe environment to ensure:
      • You are your employees, contractors and volunteers are kept safe while at work
      • All clients and visitors are kept safe while at your workplace

To discuss how TriEx can take away the time and stress of managing the health & safety of your team eith a Safety Support Contract, contact one of our Safety Advisors on 0800 487 439 or email