Safety Audits / Gap Analysis

Do you know if all your workplace hazards have been identified and controlled appropriately?

  • Non-compliance can have serious consequences, including death or serious injury to an employee, resulting in fines, prosecutions and lost productivity for the business involved.
  • There have been many recent prosecutions in various industry sectors that have resulted in expensive and unnecessary court battles for the companies involved due to a gap in their H&S Procedures.
  • Have a TriEx Safety Advisor come out on your site & run through a detailed 7 page safety audit checklist to identify any GAPS in your H&S systems & work-site practices that could be endangering your team.
  • TriEx supports companies who have stringent processes in place. If our audit checklist doesn’t identify any gaps, then this service is absolutely FREE!

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 imposes duties on all employers to systematically identify, assess and control existing and potential workplace hazards and to regularly assess all workplace hazards to determine if they are “significant.”

Legislation also stipulates that employers must take all practicable steps to eliminate, isolate or minimise significant workplace hazards to provide for the prevention of harm to employees, contractors, sub-contractors, visitors, volunteers and others while in a place of work.

Many companies engage TriEx to conduct an assessment of their workplace to identify potential and uncontrolled hazards and areas of legal non-compliance, to ensure compliance with the Safety Acts and Regulations. Directors and managers are provided with a report, including recommendations for effective control of your workplace hazards.

  • What type of injuries are your team having?
  • Why are your hazard controls not working?
  • Do you know how much are these injuries are really costing you?
  • Will your ACC bill increase due to the proposed ACC experience ratings?

The internal audits are extremely valuable for even the most Health & Safety conscious business. An independent, experienced and qualified pair of eyes can during a safety audit identify workplace hazards previously overlooked or accepted as normal.

TriEx can undertake safety audits that will establish how compliant your current Health & Safety System is and provide you with professional advice on any changes that may be required to ensure that you comply fully with the Safety Legislation.

What’s involved?

  • TriEx Safety Department team will visit your workplace and physically conduct a safety audit of all areas to identify any uncontrolled or poorly controlled existing or potential workplace hazards.
  • A comprehensive internal audit report will be produced listing all identified workplace hazards along with recommendations for control.
  • Additional information can also be supplied as required. (e.g. – Material Safety Data Sheets)

Call TriEx today to ensure you comply with the Safety Legislation.

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