Machine Guarding

How safe is your machine guarding? Will it prevent a death or serious injury?

Does the machine guarding of all your machines and equipment meet all the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and WorkSafe NZ’s “Guidelines for Machine Guarding Principles and General Safety for Machinery”?

WorkSafe NZ has focused on machine guarding because of the high incidence of serious harm injuries. Our safety advisors can conduct an audit of your machine guarding against machine guarding regulations, identify deficiencies and recommend improvements, to safeguard all your employees against serious injury and meet requirements of the legislation.

Our experienced team can analyse the different types of hazards associated with each machine and provide practical solutions to eliminate, isolate or minimise the hazard.

What’s involved with Machine Guarding Safety?

Machinery and equipment is audited for:

  • Trapping hazards
  • Impact and entanglement hazards
  • Friction and cutting hazards – abrasive wheels, cutting edges, revolving or reciprocating knives, saws, cutting tools, worms and spirals.
  • Projectile hazards – disintegration of abrasive wheels, cutting tool breakage, grip or clamp failure.
  • Other hazards – electrical components, hot metal parts, radiation and noise.

TriEx’s expert safety team will provide a comprehensive management report detailing practical guarding solutions to eliminate and reduce the risk of serious injury or death of an employee.

Don’t let a member of your team become another dreadful safety statistic – call us today to book your machine guarding audit.

For further information about machine guarding please contact the TriEx safety team via email at or phone 0800 487 439.