Health & Safety Policy including Manual

How relevant and compliant is your Health & Safety Management System?

TriEx has seen Health and Safety Management evolve significantly over the 30+ years that we have been in business.

In part this has been due to the following reasons:

  • Managers and Directors embracing their legal responsibilities to their team of providing and maintaining a safe working environment
  • Managers and Directors embracing their social responsibilities to their team and their family and children
  • Paper based safety systems are being superseded with online risk assessment software
  • Because fines and reparation payments have increased significantly
  • Because large contracts stipulate the requirement of robust safety systems
  • Employees are taking greater ownership of their own workplace safety
  • Health and Safety committees have been empowered through ACC funded training
  • An employee ends up as 1 of the over 50 employees that die at work each and every year in NZ
  • A huge number of our clients are utilising TriEx to manage all their safety requirements for them

Has your Health and Safety Systems and Health and Safety Policies evolved over the years or are they still sitting on the shelf collecting dust like many of our clients manuals were?

Is your old Health and Safety Manual, Safety Policies and Safety Manual only brought out on a Sunday much like an old classic car?

Does this sound like your workplace? If it does then prosecutions have shown us that your dusty old manual will not stand up in a court of law and it wont be effectively protecting you and your team.

This is where working with TriEx can help.

With a Health & Safety Management System your organisation can have confidence that you will have a legally compliant safety system that contains the required structure to minimise a workplace serious injury.

Now is the perfect time to give us a call so you can be assured of your teams safety and your compliance with the law.

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