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Workplace Safety - Hearing Protection

Workplace safety philosophy is as simple as ensuring your employees make it home in the same condition as they arrived to work.

Complying with Health & Safety Legislation can be confusing, time consuming and a legal minefield. Non compliance can have serious consequences, including death or serious injury to an employee, resulting in fines, prosecutions and lost productivity to your business.

There have been many recent prosecutions in various industry sectors that have resulted in expensive and unnecessary court battles for the companies involved. Had these companies been able to show they had stringent health and safety policies and procedures in place, the out come could have been very different.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

• Where do I start when it comes to health and safety?
• How do I know if our business complies fully with the Health & Safety at Work Act?
• What do I need to do to be fully compliant?
• How can I get compliant without spending a fortune on unnecessary systems?
• How can I get the expert health and safety advice I need without having to employ my own in house Health & Safety Manager?

If you do then TriEX can help.


 Safety services include:

Health & Safety Policy & Manuals

Have your Health & Safety Systems and Health & Safety Policies evolved over the years or are they still sitting on the shelf collecting dust like many of our clients manuals were?  With a Health & Safety Management System your organisation can have confidence that you will have a legally compliant safety system that contains the required structure to minimise a workplace serious injury. .

Machine Guarding

WorkSafe NZ has focused on machine guarding because of the high incidence of serious harm injuries. Our safety advisors can conduct an audit of your machine guarding against machine guarding regulations, identify deficiencies and recommend improvements, to safeguard all your employees against serious inury and meet requirements of the legislation.

Safety Audits / Gap Analysis

A Safety Audit can be performed on your current Safety Management System to determine if there are any gaps or non-compliance issues which need correcting to minimise your risk of becoming an unfortunate safety statistic. A comprehensive report detailing areas requiring your action is provided.  You will also receive practical solutions and guidance to achieve a compliant and robust system. TriEx can also assist in development of a Health & Safety Manual.

Safety Support Contracts

A Safety Support Contract provides small to medium organisations with access to a TriEx safety advisor. They will visit them on a regular basis to manage their health & safety systems and risks.

Task Analysis 

Do you take ‘all practicable steps’ to prevent harm to workers while they perform workplace tasks? To fulfill this requirement a detailed analysis of the tasks performed is required to identify all potential hazards and eliminate or reduce the risk of harm. The workplace hazard and its associated controls can then be added to your hazard register and hazard control plans. The hazards and corrective actions can also be included in your safe operating procedures (SOPs) and used as part of your task specific training plan.

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