October is breast cancer awareness month – an international health campaign founded in 1985 to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

This month is a particularly great time to get your team involved and do your bit to raise funds to support Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand. If you’re like to get your team involved, we’ve got a complete A to Z list of ideas to inspire you!

Breast Cancer in New Zealand

Breast cancer is New Zealand’s third most common cancer – accounting for more than 600 deaths every year. In New Zealand, 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day.

Breast cancer doesn’t only affect women. While more than 3300 New Zealand women will be diagnosed each year with breast cancer, so will 25 men. Globally, there were more than 2 million new cases of breast cancer in 2018, with New Zealand ranking 10thin the world in terms of the highest rates of breast cancers per 100,000 people.

About Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand

Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand is a not-for-profit charitable trust relying entirely on donations from the New Zealand public, including personal donations, fundraising events and corporate partnerships.

The Foundation is committed to raising awareness and educating the public about breast cancer, while supporting women diagnosed with the disease through counselling, cancer rehab classes, a breast nurse helpline and more. To date, Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand has distributed more than $2million for breast cancer research and medical grants.

Each year – and especially throughout October – events are organised around New Zealand by groups, businesses and individuals in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. If you’re planning on hosting a fundraising event at work, you can pledge your donation online via their website. You can also find loads of great resources to share with your team.

A – Z Workplace Fundraising Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your workplace fundraising event? Here’s a complete A to Z of easy-peasy ideas to help you get started!

A is for Afternoon Tea
Organise a workplace afternoon tea, complete with healthy snacks, scones, jam and cream! Brew a pot or two of berry herbal tea, or swap tea for pink lemonade. 

B is for Bake Sale
Nominate your team’s most talented bakers, or ask everyone to try their hand at baking a treat to bring in. Set up a bake sale table that the team can peruse and purchase from throughout the day.

C is for Coconut Bra Competition
Here’s something a little different! Run a competition where your teammates offer a gold coin donation to create – and decorate – a coconut bra. Have a fun ‘boobie’ prize lined up for the winner!

D is for Dance Party
Gather the troops for an event outside the office and head to your local pub, club or bar to hit the D-floor. If an out-of-office event isn’t right for your team, celebrate with a mini dance party during lunch. Organise a prize for the best disco moves!

E is for Eating Competition
Whether it’s hot dogs, dry Weet-bix or bar chocolate devoured with knives and forks (gloves optional!) a good old fashioned eating competition can be tons of fun. Take entry fees to donate to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

F is for Fancy Dress Film Night
Have a lot of film-buffs in the office? Organise a fancy dress film night – either at someone’s home or the local cinema, depending on the size of your team.

G is for Garage Sale
Have everyone bring in any books, toys, small appliances, clothing or other bits and bobs they no longer need and have a garage sale to raise funds for The Breast Cancer Foundation. You could keep it in-house, or open it up to the public.

H is for Halloween Party
October is also home to Halloween on the calendar, so tee up a spooktacular event at the office, or a venue after hours. Bonus points if you can theme the costume competition around boo-bs!

I is for Information Day
Host an information day (or an information morning) for your team, with local experts, workshops and take-home resources to raise awareness about breast health.

J is for Jazzercise Hour
Start the workday off with a team-wide Jazzercise class! Not only is this a great way to get some exercise into your day, but this 80s throwback workout is tons of fun.

K is for Karaoke Night
Head to the local Karaoke bar or hire a machine and set it up at the office. Take entry fee donations to raise funds. You could even grab a trophy to award to the best set of pipes in your team, and make it an annual event! 

L is for Ladies’ Day
Breast cancer predominantly affects women, so raise awareness in the workplace by holding a Ladies’ Day brunch, luncheon, or fun day. Get your male colleagues involved by inviting them to don a dress for a day of good-spirited fun!

M is for Marathon
A marathon is 42.195 kms – but you don’t have to do it all at once! Grab a bunch of pedometers, distribute them among your team, and have them collect sponsorship donations for every kilometre they walk in a week, with 42.195 being the goal!

N is for Nature Walk
In keeping with the walking theme, you could also give your team a collective day out of the office, workshop or worksite to take a hike, trek or nature walk together. Have everyone dress in pink to raise awareness.

O is for Office Olympics 
Set aside an afternoon for your team to participate in an Office Olympics tournament, with challenges set up around your worksite. Games could include an office chair relay, paper ball toss – anything you can (safely) do for fun at work!

P is for PINK Day!
What better way to show your support than by going PINK! Encourage everyone at work to bring in a donation and dress in pink for the day to help raise awareness.

Q is for Quiz Night
Quiz nights are heaps of fun, and a great way to raise funds for a worth cause! You can join an existing Quiz Night at a local venue, or nominate a Quizmaster and hold your own. Bonus points for boob-related questions!

R is for Raffle
A raffle is a great, simple way to raise donations for charity – all you need is a prize! Donate items your business creates, or reach out to other local businesses and ask for their support. Sell tickets to your team, your customers, and via your Facebook page.

S is for Sausage Sizzle
Sausage sizzles are the quintessential Kiwi fundraiser, so head down to the local butcher to stock up, then fire up the BBQ! Make a day of it, or run a sausage sizzle every Friday for the month of October. 

T is for Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Like the idea of a family-friendly event your staff can bring their kids to? A Teddy Bear’s Picnic is just the ticket! Set up at the local park, plan games for kiddos, and ask everyone brings a donation and a plate to share. Easy.

U is for Umbrella Challenge 
Have your colleagues make like Rihanna for a day with an umbrella challenge for charity! The rules are simple. Everyone keeps an umbrella on them all day, and you have a designated Challenge Master blow a whistle at random. Anyone not holding their umbrella when the whistle blows is out – the last team member standing gets a prize.

V is for Vacation Day Silent Auction
Think your team would be down to bid on a paid vacation day in a silent auction for charity?! Us to! If your business is willing to donate one day of paid leave, ask your team to bid for it by enclosing their name with a donation to charity. Highest bidder enjoys a day off!

W is for Cash Wash
The days are starting to warm up in October, so a car wash is a great opportunity for your team to get outdoors, have fun, and raise funds! Set up a car washing station at your premises, or a nearby school or gas station. All you need are some buckets, soapy water and some sponges!

X is for Xbox Tournament 
Whether your workforce is made up of Millennials, Gen Xers or a combination of both, everyone can get on board with an afternoon of gaming! Pick a classic game and take entry fees to be donated – the winner gets bragging rights!

Y is for Yoga Class
Get a local yoga instructor in for a one-off session, or invite them to hold classes onsite throughout the month! Sell tickets to staff to participate. Not only will you raise funds, you’ll also help staff discover a new way to de-stress and enhance their health.

Z is for Zoo Trip
Get in touch with your local zoo! Many will offer discounted rates for group or mid-week bookings – especially if the aim is to raise money for charity! Sell tickets to your staff, and invite them to bring their families.