Your Workplace Health and Wellness Options

What does your organisation need?

Flu Vaccinations

Implementing a flu vaccination programme (‘the flu jab’) is an effective precaution against contracting and spreading influenza, especially important in your workplace. Influenza and the flu pandemic can have serious implications. Over 420 people each year die in New Zealand from the flu. The cost to your employees’ health and effect on productivity in your business should be considered. Learn more here.

Relaxation/Stress Relief Sessions

TriEx is able to offer your company Relaxation/Stress Relief sessions to help your team get through this difficult time of elevated stress. Relaxation has been shown to improve productivity and safety, as well as decreasing the number of sick days due to improved overall health. It also helps to improve overall feelings of wellbeing.

Group sessions are much more common and recommended and are generally accepted well. Employees are guided through breathing techniques that are beneficial to the entire body, teaching the group on how by focusing on a single thought or icon and tuning out to thoughts and problems, it is possible to increase relaxation and have a positive effect on both mind and body.

Starting with a one hour session based on education and practical application and then supporting the practise with a once a week 20-30 minute session for 6 weeks is highly recommended. TriEx can bring you the skilled Professionals to lead Relaxation/Stress relief for your team.

Health Checks and Risk Assessments

Did you know that there is a 3.9% difference in productivity between a person who has good health and a person who has average health? If you are able to assess the health risks of your workforce you will be able to set relevant goals to help you move the number of staff with a large number of health risks into the group of staff who have less risks and who are more productive.

A health check and risk assessment provides your employees with an understanding of their health risks, and brief intervention advice to minimise future risks from a qualified nurse. Most test results are available on the day for the employee, and if any specific problems are raised the Nurse is able to advise on the best course of action. It provides the organisation with quantitative baseline and annual measures of change, against which to measure the success of your wellness programme.

TriEx has a fantastic team of qualified nurses who are able to come on-site and conduct health checks and risk assessments for your staff, in a professional and confidential manner, and who with the support of the Wellness team are able to provide you a summary of the level of risk in your organisation.

Survey Development

In order to introduce a Wellness Programme into your workplace, or to evaluate the progress you have made so far, you need to know where you’re currently at. By surveying your personnel you can gather information on the level of health risk experienced by staff, on the responses of the organisation and its culture to health promoting initiatives, and on how supportive the physical work environment is to good health behaviours. TriEx believes that a wellness survey needs to ask questions relevant to the goals of your organisation; TriEx has the skills and resources you need to develop a survey that is tailored to your workplace which will give you an overview of the wellness-status of the workplace, as well as on the needs and desires of your human capital.  A wellness survey is an excellent way to find out exactly is needed in your company. These short surveys can ask for information like which foods staff would like to have available at work, which wellness topics they would be interested in attending and general information about the person filling out the survey.

Survey Collation and Interpretation

Folks can get a little bit prickly and are less likely to take part in a survey or health check if they think that someone other than a medical professional will have access to their health information – this is one of the reasons that it is so important to have the health profile of your workforce interpreted by an outside organisation, such as the Health Team at TriEx.  They also have the skills to interpret the information that is presented, in a clinical way.

When surveying your staff and management about the culture of your organisation, honest answers are the best answers, and to get these answers, staff need to know that the data collected is going to be stored and analysed outside of the workplace. TriEx is able to offer you unbiased and independent collation and interpretation of your survey results. Wellness programmes that are created from on the results of these surveys are often more successful because they are based on the needs and desires of your workforce.

Contract Occupational Health Nurse

TriEx understands your business has a variety of health and safety challenges your must manage. TriEx can offer to supply an occupational health and safety service by way of a contracted nurse to assist with your obligations under the Health & Safety in Employment Act.  This service would be provided on a regular basis to ensure all your team members have access to the provider.
One off visits can also be arranged to respond to issues that may arise outside the regular contract hours. Each contract is designed to fit the individual organisation so your specific needs are met.

Contracts may cover such responsibilities as:

  • Wellness programme delivery if required
  • Health monitoring; hearing, lung function and vision testing
  • Accident investigation, ergonomic assessment
  • Back care and manual handling programme
  • Rehabilitation outside any ACC claim/case management cases
  • Immunisation programme (influenza)
  • Safety support and advice


Educating your workforce on targeted wellness topics can be done effectively and efficiently through presentations on-site by experts in whatever field you would like to address. These can be held at times most convenient to your workforce, and be as long or short as you need. TriEx has access to a broad range of credible Presenters on a wide variety of wellness topics, who they can bring in to support your organisation.

Monthly Coaching (group coaching programmes)

Monthly Coaching offers you the opportunity to sit down with a Wellness Coach and up to 6 other professionals such as yourself for half a day, once a month, to learn about the ‘how to’ of workplace wellness and to be supported in your foray with it. Committing to a regular meeting will help with ensuring you have all the tools and resources that you need, that you are accountable for your Wellness Programme, and that you grow and develop as the Wellness Champion in your workplace.

Individual Coaching Programmes

Have you ever considered the benefits of having a Coach to meet with you on a regular basis who stretches you into bigger thinking, greater dreaming and higher achieving? As the Wellness Champion in your workplace you have a fantastic opportunity for creating changes in your workplace to create and support a healthy workforce. To help you achieve the best results possible, TriEx is here to support you by providing individual coaching programmes. These involve a Wellness Coach helping to guide and support you through the 5.3 Stages of Wellness at Work process, and are highly individualised. They can consist of on-site meetings, email/phone support, and as many or as few hours per week as you deem necessary.

Strategic Consultancy

For your workplace wellness strategy to succeed – you must have a plan. This should include a mission statement, measureable short and long term goals and be linked to other company strategic initiatives. This will help maintain continued support of management especially in the implementation phase. A strategic approach ensures continuity and clarity when the leadership of both your organisation and your wellness or health promotion committee change. TriEx has the people and resources to support your organisation in developing and maintaining this strategy, and will work closely with you to ensure that your strategy lays the foundation for successful wellness initiatives.

Wellness Committee Training

One of your most valuable assets in your wellness programme is the team that drives it. As employee engagement is vital to your programmes success, this committee should be formed as early as possible. This committee will succeed if it is full of passionate people from all levels of the workforce; staff off the factory floor, to senior management, and every level in between.

TriEx believes that this committee needs to have formal responsibility for promoting, steering and supporting the wellness programme, and crucial to the success of this committee is the individuals having the skills to meet these responsibilities.

TriEx can support your wellness committee through:

  • Collaboration to establish a representative committee
  • Supporting the committee in developing strategies
  • Training of the committee members to ensure they have the necessary skills and resources
  • Supporting the committee with their goals

Workplace First Aid Training

TriEx provide both workplace onsite and public ‘industry specific’ first aid courses and training in Christchurch. We specialise in providing first aid courses tailored to an individual workplace. Our experienced trainer provides onsite first aid training for groups of 6+ and both tailors and provides scenarios based on incidents that are more likely to occur in that workplace. All attendees are issued with a first aid certificate after completion.

We offer:

  • Workplace First Aid (NZAQ 26551 and 26552) – 1-day
  • Refresher First Aid (6  Hours)
  • Onsite Industry Specific First Aid Training

Ergonomic Assessments

Our ergonomic assessments can help you:

  • Prevent a condition from developing in the first place
  • Improve workstation design so employees are as comfortable as possible
  • Improve working techniques
  • Ensure employee posture is correct and regular breaks are taken

The assessor will check the setup and dynamics of the person’s workplace to ensure that good ergonomic principles are employed and that the risk of injury is minimised. Our comprehensive report will specify practical solutions to reduce the risk of injury and make your workplace a safer place to be. Individual workstations are audited and adjusted according to the Department of Labour’s ‘Code of Practice for the use of Visual Display Units in the Place of Work’.

Wellness Brand Development

Your Wellness programme needs to have its own identity; a recognisable brand improves engagement from your staff, and helps establishes credibility and appeal. TriEx’s assistance to develop consistent branding and imagery will help support key messages and avoids ‘clutter’ which can weaken the effectiveness of your initiatives.

TriEx are able to assist you with developing a brand that fits your programme and your company, to help tie together and communicate all of your programme initiatives. Often you will be already offering significant wellness pieces and so by creating an identifiable brand you can highlight the work you are already doing and bring it all under one umbrella. TriEx provides expertise in developing this brand and introducing it into your workplace, giving ownership of it to your staff.