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TriEx Wellbeing provides leading edge Wellness & People Support Solutions. Our services aim to maximize both individual and organisational wellbeing by providing a holistic approach to workplace wellness.

Our passion lies in the exciting future of holistic wellness and People Support Solutions. We partner to help organisations grow and develop their leaders and employees, and aim to foster a stronger, healthier workplace culture.

TriEx Wellbeing services include:

Coaching Services

Inspiring and motivating people to achieve their true potential with Coaching.

Our range of innovative coaches can help your staff & management achieve the results and success you want. Coaching is intended to help people draw on their strengths to develop and maintain behaviors that allow them to meet their obligations and responsibilities with success and satisfaction.

Organisations who provide coaching for their employees can minimize costly turnover, develop their high potential people, and ensure that managers perform at their optimum to achieve greater success.

TriEx Wellbeing have a selection of certified coaches in the following fields:

– Certified Wellness Coaches
– Certified Health Coaches
– Certified Executive Coaches

 Training & Workshops

In any organisation, people have the potential to be your biggest competitive advantage. But, to realise this advantage, you need to invest in training. The right training helps develop your people, increases their productivity and effectiveness and boosts organisational performance.

TriEx Wellbeing offers a range of training workshops and seminars aimed at supporting and educating both management and employees.

Our experts can come to you and deliver the training workshops ‘in-house’ (in your offices) on a day of your choice, ensuring it’s an efficient use of your time. Each of our existing workshops are designed in line with ‘bite-sized’ methodologies to deliver the most effective learning experience for participants – All in a one to two hour session.

Management Training Courses:

Good management and leadership is essential if a business is to maximise its potential and achieve its goals. From an Army to the All Blacks, no matter how good the individual is at their role, as a unit they will be nowhere near as effective as they could be if they don’t have clear objectives and motivation. Similarly, managers also need to have clear management objectives to work towards fulfilling.

TriEx Wellbeing management training courses recognise the fact that managers need to be a combination of ‘managers’ and ‘leaders’. Managers are typically those who determine the firm’s goals and come up with methods for achieving those goals. Leaders are the ones who motivate the workforce and inspire them. Successful managers always have a talent for both.

Our Library of Management Training covers the following areas:

– Psychological First Aid
– Management & Leadership
– Motivating your Team
– Values & Goal Setting
– Overcoming People Problems & Difficult Situations
– Ensuring Staff Engagement
– The Importance of, and your role in Workplace Culture
– Improving Team Performance
– Mastering Habits
– Train the Trainer

Employee Workshops:

We also provide a selection of pre-designed workshops suitable for the wellbeing of all your staff. These sessions are run in a specific area of interest, or as a combination of the segments below.

Examples of our current popular sessions include:

– Introduction to Wellness (An overview & gap analysis to get a real understanding of your workplace needs.)
– Relaxation, Breathing & Stress Relief
– Success after Stress
– Dealing with Difficult People & Behaviours
– Values & Goal Setting
– Mastering Habits
– Mental Illness in the Workplace
– Understanding Workplace Bullying & Conflict
– Nutritional Seminars

People Support Solutions

People Support Solutions cover a tailored consultancy service, providing services in the following areas:

– Mediation & Conflict Resolution
– Drug & Alcohol Policy Development
– Drug & Alcohol Policy Education & Training
– Assistance with Health & Wellbeing Programmes
– Team Building
– Culture Analysis
– Exit Interviews
– Individual & workplace Career Transition Services

Workplace Wellness:

A commitment to best practice workplace wellness results in fewer injuries, greater productivity and a more harmonious office environment.

It sends a strong message to employees that your business is committed to their health and well-being. A strategic approach to wellness ensures money and time is maximised for the organisation, ensuring an individual, organisational and environmental approach to Wellness.

Wellness services include:

Strategic Wellness

Healthy Happy People In A Healthy Happy Workplace. Deciding on a plan with clear goals and objectives for your workplace health programmes ensures your efforts are strategic. Defining measureables, whether this relates to cultural change, behaviour change or weight loss allows your organisation to measure efforts.

Your Workplace Health and Wellness Options

What does your organisation need? TriEx can assist with any of the following; flu vaccinations, relaxation/stress relief sessions, health checks and risk assessments, survey development, survey collation and interpretation, contract occupational health nurse, speakers, group coaching programmes), individual coaching programmes, strategic consultancy, wellness committee training, workplace first aid training, ergonomic assessments and wellness brand development.

Wellness Workshops

Providing Managers with the Education to Initiate Wellness. TriEx realises that although many businesses are keen to address wellness in the workplace, they often don’t know where to start. TriEx have designed a two and a half hour workshop that supports managers and those responsible, with the initial steps required to start addressing health promotion in the workplace.

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