The influenza season is upon us and we are approaching the time of year where our nurses will be out vaccinating New Zealand workers across the country.

Complications from influenza can be deadly, and it’s not uncommon for previously healthy people to be hospitalised due to influenza. Each year around 400 people in New Zealand are killed due to the flu, and this year it is looking like the flu season could be more severe.

Currently, there is a flu epidemic spreading across the United States which is killing 4,000 people each week. This has been caused by an unusually deadly strain of the virus circulating around the Northern Hemisphere. Officials say that the epidemic is expected to get worse before the end of the flu season.

Thankfully for the Southern Hemisphere, this year’s vaccination is a quadrivalent vaccine, covering the four main strains we are expecting in New Zealand.

The best way to protect yourself and your team from the flu is to have an annual flu vaccination. Because the virus spreads so easily, you’re also protecting those around you who may not be able to get the vaccination. The more people who are vaccinated, the less chance influenza has to spread.

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