To be able to provide a First Aid response to emergency situations, it is essential to have your team trained in First Aid. Refresher First Aid Courses make this even easier.

It’s a requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 for your workplace to have an adequate number of first aiders working on any given shift. The size of your workplace and its potential risks will determine the number of first aiders you need. Businesses undertaking high risk work like construction will require more first aiders than office based organisations.

First Aid certificates expire after two years, after which you will need to send your first aiders to another full 8 hour First Aid course. If they retrain within two years however, they can sit our 6 hour First Aid Refresher course. After a First Aid certificate has expired, certificate holders have 3 months to renew.

On these courses you not only benefit from a shorter course at a reduced price. Experienced audiences benefit from a Refresher course because it builds upon their existing skills. 8 Hour First Aid courses are structured for a beginner audience, and must cover all the basics as outlined by NZQA. Attendees will have the basics covered when they sit a Refresher course within two years, so the trainers can provide a more thorough and interesting course.

Keeping your first aider’s skills up to date is essential. The First Aid guidelines change regularly based upon the latest research. You’ve done the right thing for your workplace and community by having your team trained in first aid. It makes sense to keep those skills current. Book a refresher course now and you’ll maintain your team’s confidence as effective first aiders.

If you didn’t complete your original course with us, it doesn’t matter. You can still choose TriEx for your refresher training.

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