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Recent reports from Australia about a rise of Silicosis cases has put the attention back on the dangers of silica dust. Silicosis is a condition of the lungs, caused by the exposure to silica dust over a long period of time. Health officials are referring to the dust as “the new asbestos”. You can read more about this at the link below.

Workplace stress and anxiety as risen by 30% across businesses since 2016. WorkSafe have highlighted improving mental health as part of their 10 year strategic plan, but many businesses are yet to address this area as part of their workplace health & safety. More about this at the link below.

Workplace bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment) is also a serious issue for New Zealand. Studies suggest that up to one in three workers report experiencing some form of bullying or harassment each year. PCBU’s have an obligation to address workplace bullying, and you can read more about this at the link below.

And last but not least, during this time of year most people are using more electricity and electrical appliances, like electric heaters. It’s important to ensure you’re using these appliances safely, to avoid electric shocks or fires. More about this a the link below.

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