Noise Management

‘Think Noise Safety — Think TriEx’. Did you know about 4,000 new noise induced serious injury claims are made to the ACC annually, which is 11 new claims for every day? Noise induced hearing damage appears in the top 5 of all claims.

We do not currently offer this as a public course, however we can run private sessions at your workplace or in our training room as required.


Topics covered in the workshop are:

  • Why Care about Noise in Your Workplace?
  • What does the H&S Act tell us?
  • What Is Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)?
  • The Incidence and Prevalence of NIHL in NZ
  • What Causes NIHL?
  • What does NIHL sound like?
  • What is Sound?
  • Sound level units
  • Threshold of hearing
  • Effect of noise exposure
  • What Help Do You Need?
  • Noise Assessment
  • Noise Hazard Control
  • Accepted Exposure Times Before Damage Occurs
  • Hearing Protection Classes
  • What do Existing Workplaces Need To Do?
  • How To Protect Your Team

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