Strategic Wellness

Healthy Happy People In A Healthy Happy Workplace

Deciding on a plan with clear goals and objectives for your workplace health programmes ensures your efforts are strategic. Defining measureables, whether this relates to cultural change, behaviour change or weight loss allows your organisation to measure efforts.

Some of the questions needing to be addressed in creating strategic workplace health and wellbeing include the following:

  • What values does our organisation live that will be reflected through workplace health?
  • Is the leadership within our organisation prepared to engage and encourage health promotion?
  • Do we have the expertise and desire to learn about and develop policies and systems relating to training, flexi hours, rehabilitation, absenteeism?
  • Are we prepared to make health and wellness a part of the managers objectives?
  • Can we recognise both a wellness champion that, with the right amount right amount of support and expertise, would drive and communicate with our people?

For your workplace health and wellness strategies to succeed – you must have a plan. This should include a mission statement, measureable short and long term goals and be linked to other company strategic initiatives. This will help maintain continued support of management especially in the implementation phase.

A strategic approach ensures continuity and clarity when the leadership of both your organisation and your wellness or health promotion committee change.