Lung Function Testing

TriEx offers lung function tests for employees who are exposed to contaminants in the air that could affect lung function.

Examples of harmful substances include; Isocyanates, dusts and asbestos.

Our lung function tests help you:

  • Comply with such documents as the ‘Approved Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Isocyanates’ and ‘Workplace Exposure Standards’.
  • Identify employees at risk from hazardous air contaminants in the workplace
  • Take necessary action with regard to respiratory protection

What’s involved?

Employees undergo a 15 minute lung function test usually at your premises (or TriEx premises by arrangement). TriEx will take care of all future test scheduling and ensure that consents are obtained and a full statistical and informative report on results is released to management.

Lung Function tests include:

  • Assessment of the employees past and present air contaminant history (includes recreational)
  • Full diagnostic Spirometry
  • Explanation of the results to the employee
  • Education on responsibility to protect
  • Assessment of their respiratory protection to comply with your annual audit of PPE

For further information & pricing please email or phone 0800 487 439.