Flu Vaccinations 2018

TriEx 2018 Workplace Flu Vaccination Season

Our 2018 Flu Vaccinations will begin in March 2018. Our TriEx Nurses were busy in 2017, out and about vaccinating workplaces across Christchurch and Auckland.

With the opening of our first Wellington clinic in 2017 our flu vaccinations will now be available across Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, as well as a national voucher option.

If you currently don’t receive our flu vaccination information and would like to be added to our 2018 flu database and receive a no obligation information pack in early 2018, then please contact our flu team flu@triex.co.nz or on 0800 FLU JAB (0800 358 522). 

2018 Flu Vaccination Pricing:

Quadrivalent flu vaccinations

TBC » 50+ vaccinations per visit
TBC » 20-49 vaccinations per visit
TBC » 10-19 vaccinations per visit

TBC » per voucher (national)

A list of locations where you can redeem these vouchers will be available soon.

All prices exclude GST. There is a minimum charge of 10 flu vaccinations per visit, not including issuing of any vouchers. Please note: TriEx do not charge a service fee, or time and travel charges within the Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland regions (some conditions may apply).

Facts about the Flu:

  • You cannot get influenza from the vaccine. The vaccine stimulates the immune system and contains protection against circulating flu viruses. The vaccine is purified and unactivated so it is absolutely unable to give you influenza.
  • The flu is contagious. If you are infected with the flu you are contagious from a day before you feel sick until your symptoms have resolved (usually about 1 week for adults, but can be up to 2 weeks for children).
  • The flu virus can have you bed ridden. If you are healthy and fit you are still at risk of getting the flu.
  • Each year the flu virus is different so just because you had the vaccine last year doesn’t make you immune — they keep changing. The vaccines are made each year based on the most common flu circulating.
  • It is best to be vaccinated early in the season as it can take up to two weeks following the vaccination for the body to build antibodies.

Why choose TriEx for your Flu Vaccination Programme?

  • Our experienced nurses will visit your workplace to provide vaccinations for your team.
  • We can provide vouchers for ease and flexibility for those staff not available on vaccination day.
  • We will provide you with posters for your lunchroom to promote your flu programme.

Should you want any further information regarding the vaccination or how to support your workers please feel free to call our flu team on 0800 FLU JAB (0800 358 522) or email flu@triex.co.nz

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