Ergonomic Assessments

The assessor will check the setup and dynamics of the person’s workstation to ensure that good ergonomic principles are employed and that the risk of injury is minimised.

Our assessor will specify practical solutions to reduce the risk of injury and make your workplace a safer place to be.

Our ergonomic assessments can help you:Ergonomic Assessments

  • Prevent a condition from developing in the first place
  • Improve workstation design so employees are as comfortable as possible
  • Improve working techniques
  • Ensure employee posture is correct and regular breaks are taken
  • Investigate where discomfort is reported

What’s involved?

Individual postures and workstations are analysed by registered nurses and corrective actions provided together with self-management strategies to minimise the risk of serious harm or discomfort. This is completed referencing the ‘Guidelines for Using a Computer (2010)’ developed by ACC and Department of Labour.

TriEx offer 3 options of Assessment:

12 Minute Ergonomic Assessment

This assessment provides a brief audit of all workstations, appropriate adjustment and advice.  A statistical report is left on site for management.  The time taken is approximately 12 minutes per person.  This audit suits large numbers of similar workstations and tasks where no discomfort is reported.

20 Minute Ergonomic Assessment

This assessment provides appropriate adjustment, education and advice. An individual handwritten report is prepared on each person’s workstation and left on site for management and the individual. The time taken is approximately 20 minutes per person.

1 Hour Discomfort Assessment

This assessment provides an in-depth audit of discomfort of an individual’s workstation with appropriate adjustment, advice and education.  A typed report is prepared at TriEx.  This will detail type of discomfort, work area, possible causes and reasons for discomfort to allow the individual to take responsibility for their posture and safe work practices.

For further information & pricing please email or phone 0800 487 439.