Health Awareness Dates

TriEx supports national and world health awareness dates in 2017 by informing you each month which organisation is involved and providing links to their web pages.

TriEx Health Awareness Dates


Oct 30-5 » Parkinson’s Awareness Week
1-30 » Talk About it! Epilepsy Association of New Zealand
11 » Pink Star Walk Wellington – NZ Breast Cancer Foundation
14-21 » Melanoma Awareness Week
15 » World COPD Day
25 » Walking Stars – Cancer Society Auckland Northland


1-31 » Decembeared Beat Bowel Cancer Month
1 » Aids Foundation Red Ribbon Day
1 » Safe Sleep Day (SUDI Awareness)
3 » International Day of the Disabled Person


The above dates have been sourced from the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Website and Toi Te Ora Public Health Service