Do you ever feel that life is a little bit of a struggle? Are there people around you that you wish you could offer more support to?

Many people experience times in their lives when it feels like everything is falling apart. Life stressors – work, school, health issues and relationships – can all contribute to emotional distress and decreased mental health. It’s very common, with around 1 in 5 people experiencing some form of anxiety or depression at least once in their lives.

Taking care of your mental or emotional health is important. Your mental health won’t always take care of itself, especially during stressful times.

TriEx’s Psychological First Aid is a 4 hour course designed to help prepare learners to respond to a person who may be experiencing emotional distress.

This course covers topics such as listening skills and how to approach a person in distress. In order to help break down stigmas, topics such as suicide, anxiety and workplace bullying are also covered.

This course is designed to give a platform for discussion to help break down stigmas around psychological distress and mental health.

You will also learn skills on how to recognise emotional distress in your own life, and techniques to help yourself or someone else who is going through a tough time.

TriEx runs public Psychological First Aid courses regularly, giving you the opportunity to take part outside of work among people from different backgrounds.  Course feedback shared from former participants shows that they have gained valuable insight and resilience that they now can take back and implement in their home, workplace and community

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