TeenAid First Aid Training

TeenAid is the initiative developed by TriEx providing free 6 hour First Aid training courses to teens 14 years and over. We do this with the purpose of giving back and educating community teenage groups.

We understand that this generation will be the leaders and lifesavers of tomorrow. The first TeenAid course was held at Villa Maria College in Christchurch, in October 2011. When working with students they shared many stories regarding first aid in relation to friends and alcohol, first aid for babysitting, being responsible for siblings care, sporting injuries and many other situations.

Listening to these students definitely made us realise the importance of first aid training for this age group and confirmed for us that this is a very worthwhile service we can offer our community. Our vision is to offer free first aid training to teenagers continually every year.

When choosing TriEx as your favourite first aid training provider, you are helping us to achieve our vision and ensure TeenAid is an initiative we can provide to the community for many years to come. TriEx is committed to supporting the community through educating teens via our free First Aid Training programme – TeenAid.

TeenAid Logo

If your organisation wishes to be considered for the opportunity to educate your teenagers for free — then please contact us on 0800 487 439 or enquiries@triex.co.nz.