Reality Based First Aid

This is a high-energy, practical and fun way to upskill key personnel using practical, tailored scenarios for their workplace.

We provide actors with realistic makeup, injuries and visual clues not possible in a classroom setting. First aid response is able to take place in real time using real equipment that your staff would normally have access to.

Candidates for this course must have a current first aid certificate and need to be motivated and enthusiastic. Scenarios will be based on a risk evaluation of your business. One of our first aid trainers will visit your business and plan scenarios in advance. Learners will receive classroom training in preparation for each of the various scenarios they might encounter.

This course gives the learner more confidence to deal with real-world emergencies. It also allows you to identify areas of improvement in your emergency preparedness and accessibility to important equipment.

To learn more about this course or to make a booking, please contact us on 0800 487 439 or