Psychological First Aid

Mental Health Awareness, Response and Support

Psychological First Aid is a 4 hour course which is designed to help prepare learners to respond to a person who may be experiencing emotional distress in the workplace.

Mental illness is common, with 1 in 5 New Zealanders experiencing some form of mental distress during their lifetime. This psychological first aid course is designed to give a platform for discussion to help break down stigmas around psychological distress and mental health by expanding Knowledge & Understanding to build Acceptance & Tolerance.

A stigma still exists around mental health in New Zealand which means that mental health problems may not be addressed.

Every day, people of all walks of life are subjected to stressors such as significant life events and distressing situations. These can have an impact on their mental wellbeing, and people may respond to these events in various ways. This not only has an effect on themselves but on those around them, including work colleagues or family.

Here at TriEx we recognise there is a strong need for mental health awareness and tools for appropriate response. We have developed a workplace Psychological First Aid course to enable people to recognise and respond appropriately to a person who may be experiencing emotional distress.

Often it is very difficult to know how to respond to or help someone who is in emotional distress, however doing something is always better than nothing. As with any First Aid course, the aims of Psychological First Aid are to preserve life, provide help, promote recovery and provide comfort.

This course covers topics such as listening skills and how to approach a person in distress. In order to help break down stigmas, topics such as suicide, anxiety and workplace bullying are also covered.

This course is not a diagnostic or treatment tool, its goal is to enable you to better understand mental wellbeing, and build acceptance and tolerance in your workplace and community.

Summary Course Content:

  • What emotional distress might look like
  • Approaching a distressed person
  • Psychological DRSABCD
  • Listening skills
  • Suicide
  • Anxiety
  • Workplace bullying

Course Duration: 4 hours

Price: $159 incl GST per attendee (please contact us for group pricing)

This first aid course is available as a public course in Christchurch, or nationwide as an onsite training course for companies or groups of 8 to 15 people.

For group bookings, please download and complete our registration form, email it back to us at

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Click here for Psychological First Aid resources and Mental Health helpline posters.