Comprehensive First Aid (12 hours)

Our Comprehensive First Aid Course is a 12 hour course, covering Unit Standards 6402, 6401 and 6400.

This course is to provide you with the necessary skills for managing high risk work environments or multiple victims in a first aid situation and to provide first aid for life threatening conditions, until further help arrives.

This course is currently offered as a private group course, but keep an eye out for our public courses over 2019. In order to cover the full 12 hours of training as required by NZQA, and to avoid ‘working breaks’, you will need to complete the 60-minute Pre Course Reading. This involves reading some pages of first aid information to prepare you for your course, and completing one activity. You will receive a link to take you to the Pre Course Reading via email, after you have made your course booking.

Training will include the following:

Unit Standard 6402 – Provide Basic Life Support

  • Scene Assessment
  • CPR
  • Choking

Unit Standard 6401 – Provide First Aid

  • Bleeding and Shock
  • Muscular Skeletal Injuries
  • Burns and Poisoning
  • Medical Conditions

Unit Standard 6400 – Manage first aid in emergency situations

  • Complex Medical Emergencies
  • Head and Spinal Injuries
  • Complex Trauma
  • Environmental Conditions

Please call us on 0800 487 439 or email if you have any questions.