Pre-purchase Asbestos Inspection

Pre-purchase Asbestos InspectionsWhat is the hidden cost of Asbestos in your new property — remove the worry with a TriEx Pre-Purchase Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos Containing Materials could be found in over half of New Zealand’s homes built prior to the year 2000.

Did you know that DIY activities at home contribute to a major cause of non-work related asbestos illnesses? This is important for you to be aware of as a potential purchaser. If your property has Asbestos Containing Materials, you need to be aware of the possible effect on your health if the asbestos is disturbed. There is also the potentially large costs associated with the remediation/removal.

Are you aware that asbestos can be found in these common products within the home?

  • Vinyl Floor Coverings & Tiles
  • Texture/Stipple Ceilings & Walls
  • Gutters & Downpipes
  • Soffits
  • External Cladding
  • Fuse Boards
  • Pressed Metal Roof Tiles (i.e. Decramastic) 

Asbestos Sampling Locations

Image courtesy of WorkSafe NZ

Protect yourself, your family or anyone living and working within your home or property.

TriEx offers a presumptive, non-intrusive (non-sampling) pre-purchase asbestos inspection for your peace of mind. This will highlight any possible Asbestos Containing Materials in your property, based on our BOHS qualified asbestos surveyors’ expert knowledge.

You will receive an asbestos register and report which includes recommendations on any Asbestos Containing Materials observed.

For further information about our Pre-Purchase Asbestos Inspections please email or phone 0800 487 439.