December Newsletter

The countdown is on — and with just 8 days to go until Christmas, the TriEx team is busy wrapping things up for 2019, and planning ahead for 2020!

We know how busy the last couple of weeks of December can be, so we’ve keep our latest email short and sweet. Mark your calendar with our Christmas break holiday dates, discover some useful reminders on health and safety for your staff Christmas party, and share some festive season road safety tips with your team to help them stay safe over the break. You’ll also find more info on our 2020 Workplace Flu Vaccination Programme, and our 2020 Workplace Training Calendars for those of you taking this time to plan ahead for the New Year.

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November Newsletter

Summer, the festive season and the New Year break are right around the corner! With many organisations tackling the end of year rush, we’ve included our top tips for Christmas stress busting below, and have one final Psychological First Aid course scheduled for 2019.

Helping Kiwi businesses take care of the health and wellbeing of their teams is what we do best, and TriEx’s focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing is an important part of our offering. Check out our November newsletter online for more info.

October Newsletter

The final quarter of 2019 is here and the official start of Summer is just 5 weeks away! Many of our clients are currently taking time to review their occupational safety policies and procedures in anticipation of the warmer months ahead, while making a start on their planning for (gasp!) 2020. That’s why, this month, we’re providing some timely expert advice on the importance of reducing your team’s risk of heat stress, and tips on supporting your team to increase their activity levels in the ongoing fight against obesity.

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September Newsletter

The spring flowers are starting to appear, and many workplaces are looking for ways to help their teams recharge their batteries and get back into the zone following winter. That’s why, this month, our newsletter focuses on wellbeing – both physical and mental – in the workplace.

Happy and safe employees are good for your bottom line, so we’ve compiled some tips on increasing staff wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity.

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June Newsletter

Our June Newsletter came out on Friday. This was focused on looking after yourself and your team in these winter months.

We have information on healthy heating and Dry July as well as information on workplace bullying, positive communication and tools for coping with depression.

We also have updates on the influenza vaccination shortage and important information on accelerated silicosis.

Read all the articles in the June newsletter here.

May Newsletter

Our May Newsletter came out yesterday. May is a month full of important health awareness dates in New Zealand and globally so we have plenty of info relating to what is going on. We have articles focused on lung health, with information on Silica Dust, the risks of Organic Solvents and Respirator Fit Testing for your employees.

Is your workplace getting behind Pink Shirt Day this Friday, May 17? We will be throwing on our pink shirts and will be holding shared lunches in our Auckland and Christchurch offices.

Read all the articles in the May newsletter here.

March Newsletter

Our March newsletter is out today. It has been a challenging and emotional month here in Christchurch and indeed all across Aotearoa.

For workplaces one way we can look after our people is by protecting their health. At this time of the year this often means guarding them from contracting the Flu. Our Flu Vaccination programme began on March 18 in Christchurch and the rest of the country will be vaccinating from Monday.

In this update we have all the information you need to book your workplace flu vaccinations including a link to our online booking request form. We also look at the mental health of our employees ensuring that it is a top priority at this time and we have included information on the 1737 support service.

In addition the new oral fluid drug testing standard was released this month and we have information on this as well as information on our relaunched Electrical Workers first aid course. 

Take care over the coming weeks — ensuring we are all kind, understanding and tolerant. Read the newsletter here.

February 2019 Health, Safety and Wellness Update

In this months update we have all the information you need to book your workplace flu vaccinations, which this year includes an easy to use online booking request form. With Hearing Awareness Week coming up next week we have information on hearing health, how TriEx can support you and how to sign up for Silent March. We also congratulate Professor Bill Glass on being awarded Senior New Zealander of the Year, as well as an update on our First Aid training courses including some great feedback we received from a nervous attendee. 

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December Health, Safety and Wellness Update

The end of the year is approaching and Christmas is just days away. We hope that everyone has had a great 2018. We have put together some informative content for our final newsletter of 2018. This includes some important tips to keep you and your loved ones safe this summer. We have news from our environmental and first aid teams including some new product launches, plus some information on how we can help with the wellness of your team.

Read all of this and more here.

TriEx Newsletter – November 2018

Our November Newsletter came out this week. The end of year and Christmas madness is just around the corner, but we have a lot of great information this month to get you through. Summer is beginning next week (even if it doesn’t feel like it!) and that means plenty of time spent out in the garden for some. We have important information about Legionnaires disease and steps you can take to prevent it.

Men – especially young men – are a big focus at present, especially around speaking up and their mental health challenges. We have shared some info on both the WorkSafe ‘Be A Safe Guy’ campaign, and information from Movember about men’s mental health and their ‘Be a man of more words’ campaign.

This month we also have an update on our expanded environmental and asbestos services. Our First Aid team have been busy, and we have a great summer special on first aid courses to make the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 much sweeter!

The flu vaccination season is always a very busy time for TriEx, and we know how important it is for some clients to schedule theirs as early as possible. We have info on the 2019 programme and details on how you can book now

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