Our History

TriEx was established in 1986 by qualified and experienced health and safety professionals.

A multi-disciplinary team has been created to meet market demands for safety, health, wellness and occupational hygiene services. TriEx has a rapid response time to new and changing market demands and effectively creates or adapts existing services to meet our customer needs.

Our focus remains on providing our clients with necessary and quality services that meet the ever changing needs of YOU our customers. In this way we continue to provide a quality partnership that will meet your needs now and into the future.

What’s with the name?

TriEx used to be called Occupational Health Services Ltd when it was originally set up. However, difficulty distinguishing the company name from the sector itself and confusion with OSH’s similar initials, highlighted the need for a change.

The snappier name of TriEx was the result of some serious brainstorming. It stands for the three (tri)
areas of service excellence (ex) – health, safety and occupational hygiene – that we provide to you. In current times it has been expanded to incorporate Workplace Wellness as part of Health.

This makes us a one-stop-shop for all your health, safety and wellness needs. Since our competitors do not offer all three areas of service this is our main point of difference from the rest and the huge advantage you get from doing business with us.

Hope that helps you remember us!