About TriEx – A Gallagher Bassett Company

The purpose of our business and its people is to help support the health and safety of New Zealand workers — to ensure they return home each day in the same or better condition than they went to work in.

TriEx was established in 1986 by qualified and experienced health and safety professionals and we have been a leading provider of health and safety solutions to the New Zealand workforce for over 30 years. On December 21st 2017, TriEx partnered with Gallagher Bassett NZ Ltd, a global leader in third party claims administration. As a result we are now known as TriEx – A Gallagher Bassett Company.

Our core business is to provide services that ensure organisations comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. We exist to ensure that your employees return home in the same or healthier condition than they arrived at work for their good and for the peace of mind of the employer.

We have nationwide coverage with our head office in Christchurch and teams located in Wellington and Auckland. In addition we have mobile units covering the Canterbury region.

Our multi-disciplinary team is here to meet market demands for safety, health, wellness and occupational hygiene services. TriEx has a rapid response time to new and changing market demands and effectively creates or adapts existing services to meet our customer needs.

Our focus remains on providing our clients with necessary and quality services that meet the ever changing needs of YOU our customers. In this way we continue to provide a quality partnership that will meet your needs now and into the future.

At TriEx we will move to help drive changes where they are needed. Our growing national team of over 50 are experts in the areas of clinical, operation, strategic and relationship management.

Together, we are excited to move forward and grow the TriEx of the future — leading change in New Zealand through best practice, in the areas of Health, Safety and Wellness. We look forward to working with you to ensure a happier, healthier and safer future.

Who we work with

Due the mandatory nature of Health and Safety, our core clients are organisations whose needs in this area are significant. Traditionally a large portion of our clients have been ‘blue collar’, working in such fields as construction, roading, manufacturing and transportation, but today our expanded offerings including Wellness and First Aid enables us to bring relevant services to more ‘white collar’ businesses.

Our promise to you

100% satisfaction guaranteed in meeting clients’ needs and exceeding expectations.

What’s with the name?

The name of TriEx stands for the three (tri) areas of service excellence (ex) – health, safety and occupational hygiene – that we provide to you. In current times it has been expanded to incorporate Workplace Wellness as part of Health.