TriEx Newsletter – October 2017

Our October Newsletter is out now, and this month we’ve put a focus on how you can take advantage of the downtime in the new year. This time can be a challenge as we transition from holiday mode to work mode, and January and February can be a quieter time for many businesses. This is a great opportunity to focus on team development, training and wellbeing, so we’ve included some information on our Group First Aid Courses, Ergonomic and Wellness Assessments that you can take advantage of during this period.

Earlier in October, we had Mental Health Awareness week, so along with the launch of Psychological First Aid, we had the TriEx Great Wall of Gratitude. You can read about what we did at the link below.

Our First Psychological First Aid course was a huge success, and we even had some attention from the 1 News team. You can read about this at the link below, or click here to see our 1 News bulletin.

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Psychological First Aid on 1 News

Our fantastic First Aid trainers were on 1 News last night, showcasing our brand new Psychological First Aid course.

“Every business should be doing this”

Last week was Mental Health Awareness week, and on Friday we launched our first Psychological First Aid course. The feedback from attendees was fantastic, and 1 News wanted to get the scoop! We’re extremely proud of this new product, and we believe this will be a great addition to our workplace services.

“I guarantee that most people would walk past someone that had a mental illness, I’ve avoided it for a long time,” course trainee Bruce Gray said.

Course instructor Rick Eisenhart says “If somebody needs help, we’re going to help. So why can’t we do this for somebody that has hurt on the inside?

“We’re not going to fix the world, we’re just going to make it a warmer place”

Psychological First Aid is a 4 hour course designed to help prepare learners to respond to a person who may be experiencing emotional distress in the workplace. Mental Illness is common, with 1 in 5 New Zealanders experiencing some form of mental distress during their lifetime.

This course is designed to give a platform for discussion to help break down stigmas around psychological distress and mental health.

To book a public course, head to our booking site. For group courses or to learn more about Psychological First Aid, call us on 0800 487 439 or email

Training Calendar – October & November 2017

Our October & November Training Calendar is out today.

Our brand new Psychological First Aid course is here now, which we’re launching on Friday the 13th of October during Mental Health Awareness week. We’re running 3 courses, one in October and two in November for you to choose from. This course is about Mental Health Awareness, Response & Support, and is a 4 hour course designed to help prepare learners to respond to a person who may be experiencing emotional distress in the workplace. You can learn more about this course and book here.

October brings us a short week with Labour Day on the 23rd, and November has a short week with Canterbury Show Day on the 17th, so we’ve scheduled two Workplace First Aid TrainMe Specials during both of those weeks. These courses are at a discounted price of $99, a saving of $55.

We have two British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) courses coming up in October and November. This is the 4-day BOHS IP402 course: Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Building. The IP402 course is ideal for those who want to qualify as an asbestos building surveyor and will provide a range of theory and practical knowledge.

We also have three regular Asbestos courses; an Asbestos Awareness for Tradespersons course in October and November, plus an Asbestos Awareness for Managers course in early November.

To download your copy of this months training calendar, click here.