TriEx Newsletter – August 2017

Our August Newsletter is out now, and we have plenty of exciting news to announce. After opening our second Auckland location in South Auckland last month, we’ve just opened our first clinic in the Wellington region. You can read about what we’ll be able to offer from our new Wellington clinic in the newsletter.

We’ve expanded our First Aid team with the addition of a new trainer. You can read about some of the improvements this will make to our First Aid offering. Psychological First Aid is on its way as well which we’re really excited to be able to introduce.

The first prosecution has just been through the courts under the new Health & Safety at Work act 2015 after a worker was involved in an incident that has left them with a life long injury. The outcome highlights the importance of managing your risks in the workplace. Make sure you read the full story in the newsletter.

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Training Calendar – August & September

Our August & September Training Calendar is out today.

Later in August, we have the 4 day British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) IP402 course: Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Building. This course is ideal for those who want to qualify as an asbestos building surveyor, and will provide a range of theory and practical knowledge.

Candidates for this course are expected to be aware of the contents of HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide, and have some prior knowledge of carrying out asbestos surveys.

We also have three regular Asbestos courses; an Asbestos Awareness for Tradespersons course in August and September, and an Asbestos Awareness and Sampling Techniques course in September.

Keep an eye out for our Psychological First Aid courses which are due to start in the next few months. This will be a new offering for the TriEx First Aid team which you can read more about here.

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Psychological First Aid

TriEx is expanding our First Aid offering with the addition of Psychological First Aid to our First Aid Services in the near future.

Psychological First Aid is about providing supportive and practical assistance to people who are exposed to serious stressors, when professional help is not on hand.

The Psychological First Aid course teaches you to recognise who might need assistance, why they need it, and when and where to provide help.

You will learn how to respond to those who need assistance and provide Psychological First Aid safely as well as build on listening and communication skills and gain skills to help calm and support others, all while looking after yourself.

This is an exciting new product for the TriEx First Aid team, which is due to launch in the next two months.

To learn more about a Psychological First Aid course, email or call 0800 487 439

Testing for Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic Cannabis is a hot topic right now, with 8 deaths linked to synthetic cannabis just in July 2017. Synthetic cannabinoids are smokable products that are plant based and sprayed or dried with a variety of chemicals. These act in a similar way to cannabinoids that are naturally found in cannabis such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These products were originally created as a legal alternative to cannabis, but have now been banned since 2014.

Synthetic cannabis acts on the same brain cell receptors as natural cannabis however, it is more likely to cause hallucinations and heart problems. A drug counsellor has said recently that the effects of synthetic cannabis can be worse than meth, with users being kept awake for days. On top of this the use of synthetic cannabis has also been linked to Psychosis, Renal failure, and Heart failure, with very high rates of seizures among users (18%).

The effects of synthetic cannabinoids can be unpredictable and life threatening. To ensure the safety of your team and work sites, and to assist with managing the risks or impairment, TriEx offer testing for synthetic cannabinoids as an option within your drug testing programme including at Pre-Employment.

To learn more about our Drug Testing options, you can email us at or call us today on 0800 487 439.