By Ali Scott NLP Coaching and Courses

Spring brings a burst of new life.  As well as trees in bud and lambs in the field, we can also get a new lease on life. Spring is often the time when we decide to make changes to old habits, especially those old habits we know aren’t going to be good for us in the long run.Maybe it’s losing weight and eating more greens or “losing it less” –  and keeping calm or really using that gym gear that’s just been gathering dust.

So how do people do it?  How do people get rid of old habits and start new ones? James Prochaska, a psychologist at The University of Rhode Island and author of ’Changing for Good.’ found some answers.  Prochaska spent years studying ordinary people who had successfully dropped bad habits, like smoking and overeating and what he discovered was a remarkable pattern. All of these people, no matter what the problem, moved through 6 clear stages as they changed their habit and at each stage they had a different focus.

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